Do I need this?  
I want instant access to all sorts of media, not only music, but pictures, videos, books and other documents. Either randomly or by giving the program one or more keywords. Usually I come up with asking it to perform something like this:

  • Play a random rock album! (Type 'rock', 'Album' checked).
  • Play a random album by Iron Maiden! (Type 'Iron Maiden', 'Album' checked).
  • Play a random audio book! (Type 'audio book', 'Album' checked).
  • Play whichever 16 Christmas songs! (Type 'Christmas', 'Track' checked, '16' selected).
  • Play whichever 25 songs by Gentleman! (Type 'Gentleman', 'Track' checked, '25' selected).
  • Where are the photos of my child building a sand castle? (Type their name and 'sand castle', 'Track' checked).
  • Where are the videos of my friend incending the barbecue? (Type their name and 'barbecue', 'Track' checked).
  • List the invoices of my ISP! (Type their name or 'invoice, 'Track' checked).
  • List the eBooks I got about cooking, programming or the medieval age! (Type the topic, 'Track' checked, maybe selecting 'other' to avoid songs, photos and videos in the results).
Why does the size of the media collection matter?
Usually media programs care about meta data like the mp3 tag. This is definetily the best way of storing file information. Most of these programs, though, take hours to scan my computer for media (more than one hundred thousand pieces), many of them crash.

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