What is this program?  
FYM scans your computer for media files. You determine which folders are to be scanned and which file types media files are.

To perform quick scans (more than one hundred thousand media files in less than a minute) FYM does not care about file meta data (like the mp3 tag). It simply stores the file name, its extension and full path in a database.

Search for an artist and FYM shows you the covers of their records.

You look for pictures of somebody, type in their name and FYM lists them.

Need an office document, same thing.

Don't know what music to play?

Without any text in the search text box and your pressing the button 'search' FYM shows you randomly 4 album covers (you might also select 9, 16, 25, ..., 100). Thus you have definitely less choice.

If you do not want to choose at all, just select 'album' or 'track' and press 'random'. This makes FYM play randomly an album or the number of tracks you determine.

Since you might not want to listen to whatever music randomly, you could type some hint into the search text box, e.g. the term 'Reggae' and it will play randomly what got this term in its file name, folder name or one of its parent folder names.

If the file name got a ;-( the track will not be played randomly. If the folder got a ;-( it will not be picked as a random album, files inside this folder might be played randomly only when they got a ;-) in it. The last of the two signs in the full path name is decisive, check these examples:

Will not be played randomly:
  • /home/mischa/Music/Genre;-(/Band/Album/Song.mp3
  • /home/mischa/Music/Genre/Band;-(/Album/Song.mp3
  • /home/mischa/Music/Genre/Band/Album;-(/Song.mp3
  • /home/mischa/Music/Genre/Band/Album/Song;-(.mp3
Could be played randomly:
  • /home/mischa/Music/Genre/Band/Album/Song.mp3 (random is the standard)
  • /home/mischa/Music/Genre;-(/Band/Album;-)/Song.mp3
  • /home/mischa/Music/Genre;-(/Band;-)/Album;-(/Song;-).mp3
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