How to set it up  

FYM - Program files

  • Download FYM and unzip it in whichever place you like on your computer.

Mono .NET framework

MySQL database

  • Download and install MySQL with your package management system or from http://dev.mysql.com/downloads/.
  • MySQL standard user after installation is 'root' with no password set. FYM uses it like that. If you change this in MySQL, do so in the FYM ini file as well.
  • Download 'MySQL Connector/Net' (binaries, no installer) from http://dev.mysql.com/downloads/, unzip the dll and place it in the FYM directory.

Totem player

FYM - Start

  • Start FYM from shell with the command 'mono fym.exe' being in the <FYM folder> or create a starter on your desktop to a batch file in the <FYM folder> that contains the commands 'cd <FYM folder, full path>' and 'mono fym.exe'.
  • If the database does not exist yet, the database window will open before the main window does.
  • Add your media folders by selecting them graphically ('Add folders') or by editing the file (press 'Edit list' first, then 'Load list').
  • Employ the button 'Create database' to start the scan for media files and wait for it to finish. Having started FYM from shell, you see the progress in detail there.
  • Close the database window to see the main one.
  • The cover of an album will be shown when it is in the folder and called 'folder.jpg'. If you use another name, e.g. 'cover.jpg', change this in the ini.
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